Why you should show customer satisfaction?

July 5, 2021

What are the customers asking_ Do other customers think the product is consistent with the description? Does the enterprise treat customers? 

To provide customers with the social proof, they are looking for about your brand and its products, Shopify's team conducted several studies, where they found that shoppers attach great importance to the assurance they get through fair customer and store Reviews - surprisingly, they pay close attention to the claims of previous customers.

When considering buying on a new website, shoppers want to read reviews on product pages, external websites and markets, and social media before completing the transaction. Specifically, shoppers will look for any inconsistencies or clear warnings from previous customers, or feedback that contradicts what the business says on its website. On social media, shoppers may, for example, work hard to figure out whether Instagram's fans and likes feel real.

Business owners must understand that community sentiment can be a key factor in deciding to buy products.


  • More than 70% positive product reviews
  • Product reviews posted on social media are mostly positive (for example, comments shared on Instagram, youtube, etc.).
  • There are descriptive product reviews and customer reviews
  • Social media followers on Instagram, Facebook, or other platforms
  • There are positive store reviews on Google, Facebook, yelp, trust pilot, Amazon, eBay, and other external websites.

It's better to have one

  • Product reviews on product pages, including photos
  • Include reviews of clothing / Accessories/health and beauty products that reviewers describe themselves (so shoppers can connect more with reviews)
  • Product reviews including product videos
  • Link to the store's social media profile and make it easy to see in the store.

Tip: browse the product review app of the Shopify app store to let your customers upload multimedia to product reviews.

Real-life example. The case of EM cosmetics 

EM cosmetics build social trust through product reviews, especially by encouraging customers to attach photos and other details. This transparency of commentators makes them criticized positively and criticized negatively, but it also instills trust in future shoppers, allowing them to find comments that help clients feel they are not being sold, but deciding what they want to buy and how they want to buy.

【Source text: by report】

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