Why open your shop to multiple countries?

July 7, 2021

There was a time when you had to rely on developers to create global e-commerce sites for global consumers. Now, those days are gone.

Micro-border businesses are on the rise. Many Shopify merchants have gone from being single-region shops to making a fortune serving global customers.

Why expand your shop?

There are many benefits to opening your shop in multiple countries. 

Expand to new regions and get more sales

One of the most noteworthy is that opening your shop to more than one country can expand your customer base and thus lead to more sales. If you only sell in one country/region, you're limiting the ability of your Shopify shop to reach larger markets. Even if you offer international shipping, it can be difficult for customers in other countries to accept this higher shipping cost.

However, if you expand your shop to new regions - preferably with local shipping and local currency payment options - many local customers will naturally flock to your shop.

Offer local currency payment options

Without a shop for global consumers, you have a problem: when Australian consumers buy from your US shop, they'll have to pay in US dollars. It is almost certain that conversion rates are lower when the local currency payment option is not supported than when it is offered.

Most people do not want to pay in other currencies. While there are cases of "I like your shop so much I'll make an exception for you", more often than not they will turn away and choose a merchant that supports local currency payments. Paying in another currency can be a hassle and is often more expensive than when paying in local currency. This disadvantage is especially apparent when it comes to business purchases. Therefore, offering a local currency support service can increase sales.

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