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Who can go head to head with Shopify?

July 8, 2021

Shopify (SHOP), Wix (WIX), Square Online, and Weebly  are all four companies in the list of most of inversors.

They are the incubators of independent sites and the technology-based service platforms that sellers will rely on in the future. 

Platform overview

Their platforms have their advantages and disadvantages, and sellers choosing a platform to open an independent website should first consider whether it is suitable for them. The reason for this is that the service industry is much more complex than the product industry in terms of demand.

In addition, sellers need to look at the fluidity of the page. No seller wants to see consumers abandoning the opportunity to transact because of jumps and long loading times.

Wix - Pros

Wix is better suited to small to medium sized ecommerce businesses and is an excellent choice for service based businesses.

Wix - Disadvantages

Wix is not ideal for larger sellers with complex inventory needs. In addition, if the site is overloaded, sellers will have to rebuild it, possibly wasting time and money in the process.

Weebly - the pros

Weebly is friendly to bloggers, small sellers and service sellers are that it offers a drag and drop function to design web pages.

Weebly - disadvantages

Weebly is also not suitable for large sellers. The app in particular is mind-boggling and parent company Square has now stopped reviewing new apps, seemingly knocking Weebly into the cold in favour of Square Online.

Square Online - The Benefits

Sellers can try their luck with Square Online for free. Square Online also offers a paid service for sellers who need lead generation and other features.

Square is the first platform to make magnetic card payments widely available, allowing consumers to pay through free card readers and mobile terminals. Square will also install POS in physical shops, and sellers using Square readers or POS will find it easy to transition to online retail with Square Online.

Overall, Square Online is suitable for small to medium sized sellers.

Square Online - Cons

Square Online is also not suitable for medium to large sized sellers. The customisation of the website is very limited in terms of what can be achieved visually. It is only available to sellers from Canada, Australia, the UK, Japan and the US. From an investor's point of view, there are pros and cons, as the sellers are from the world's most dynamic economies, and for the time being it's not a bad strategy to get a foothold in these regions, but later on Square will want to expand globally, with Shopify in front of them, and it will be too late to relax the entry requirements.

All four companies provide platforms for exploring niche markets, with BigCommerce and Wix specialising in online, and Shopify and Square blossoming across the board, with Shopify scoring highest in terms of service, fluidity, experience and ease of use.

【Source text: by report】

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