When choosing your business, try this!  Part 3

July 6, 2021

When choosing your business, try this! 

Whatever business you decide to start, there are at least three things to remember when considering your options.

3. Test, learn, grow and never stop

The pursuit of perfection can be one of the biggest obstacles when starting and running a business. Remember that nothing is set in stone.

Products can easily be swapped around (especially if you don't have them in stock), shops can be redesigned, prices can be adjusted, and you can switch to a better supplier. You can validate all these decisions based on the dozens of metrics at your disposal (traffic, time people spend on your site, reviews, abandoned orders, etc.).

If your idea doesn't work out the way you planned, think about what changes you could make before giving up.

If you try a different product or approach, then perhaps there are aspects of the business that can still be saved. The brand you've invested time in creating, and the followers you've built up on social media or email lists, they can all be assets for your next business idea.

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