The new Shopify's API

July 9, 2021

Performance and scalability are the top themes of Shopify this year, which extends to Shopify's API. 

Their goal and vision are to bring all the Shopify functions you need to within 50ms of each buyer.

With the expansion of Shopify scale and the continuous improvement like the new checkout experience, it is important that other parts of our infrastructure should be expanded simultaneously, so the needs of businesses are always met and buyers can continue to have the best shopping experience.

To support this, Shopify has released new shopping cart features in the storefront API, focusing on performance, reliability, and scale. It is driven by the same primitives as our checkout function but is designed to provide predictable low latency response and be able to grow without any store-wide rate constraints. 

Combined with powerful and secure checkout, shopping carts release features such as estimated totals with taxes, discounts, tariffs, and more. This is a key part of the shopper's buying experience and provides new possibilities for developers to build it.

Earlier this year, Shopify launched international pricing support to make cross-border sales more flexible. 

Sales plan

Sales plans enable merchants to create custom billing, pricing, and delivery policies. This means that businesses can enable subscription, pre-order, and other sales methods. You can now retrieve sales plans related to each product through the storefront API.


Currently, metafields can be created and whitelisted through the admin API, but with the release of the July version, you can also retrieve all metafields through the storefront API, which is beyond the original scope.

This update allows more flexibility in interpreting products, product variants, orders, customers, and all other core Shopify types.

Update storefront's API pattern

Later this year, the company will launch a major update to the storefront API model to improve its overall ergonomics and make its use more intuitive.

To this end, we invite you to view our preview playground, which has complete simulation data, and you can explore the function of this mode.

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