Starting your wholesale adventure

July 5, 2021

Through "handshake*, a wholesale market established by Shopify, your products can appear in front of more audiences and start your wholesale adventure. All the products on handshake come from the brands supported by Shopify. Just sign up, set your price, and publish your catalog from your Shopify administration.

Unlike other markets, there are no fees or commissions for registration or orders. If you have an existing wholesale relationship, handshake provides you with a way to transfer these transactions to Shopify.

All suppliers must go through the application process and be approved by Shopify, confirming their reseller ID.

Moreover, retailers, online curators, and physical shopkeepers can use Handshake to enhance their products with unique products from independent Shopify-supported businesses.

In addition, handshake's personalized product recommendation ensures that members constantly discover new products.

Stock your store with trendy items that customers will love. All the brands on handshake are carefully selected, so you know you're going to shop from unique manufacturers around the globe.

【Source text: by report】

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