Scale your business with the new features in Shopify

July 5, 2021

Build a customized buyer experience never seen in any other platform.

As your ideas and technical capabilities grow, Shopify supports every stage of your business. Create a unique buying experience that sets your brand apart from the technology stack (including headless Architecture) and business logic.

Using Shopify's storefront API to build a custom storefront, will now unlock more business functions, such as international pricing, roadside pickup, and subscription sales plans for your global shoppers.

There is a new feature to create a customized storefront on Shopify with your existing development framework and technology stack so that your brand can turn any screen into a shopping channel - from web pages and mobile applications to smart mirrors and wearable devices.

If you manage inventory in multiple locations, you know how difficult it is to execute. Business owners on Shopify can now enhance their local pick-up experience by specifying pick-up-only locations.

By allowing customers to pick up goods at your designated special pick-up location, the time-consuming and laborious error is avoided, and the online order does not have to be shipped out from that location. The inventory of this pick-up-only retail outlets will not be included in the "available" range of online shipping orders.

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