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New Shopify Online Store 2.0

July 9, 2021

The new Online Stores (OS) 2.0 is here, announced during the last Shopify Unite 2021. A  combination of new features and improvements that significantly expand the existing customization options. 

"Once your development team migrates your theme to Online Store 2.0, it will be easier to control the layout and aesthetic of your store, giving you access to more data with revamped meta fields and arming your development team with a streamlined set of developer tools that integrate seamlessly with Shopify" stated the company during the conference.

The most amazing new features will allow your business to:

Customize your online store with sections and blocks on every page 

With sections and blocks, easily you canpersonalize your store by adding, rearranging, and removing content without editing code. 

Drag and drop entire sections of video, products, or image galleries in the theme editor. Sections can be used on the home, landing, product, and collection pages to gain greater control and flexibility over your online store. 

Blocks are like sections within sections, and they can be moved around or within sections, allowing for a more granular level of flexibility for businesses to create the store that best represents their brand. 

Display flexible store content

Data and content is what brings your store to life, and we’ve made big updates to how they're both stored in Shopify. Once configured by developers, you’ll now be able to define and edit metafields directly in the admin, and connect metafields to apps or your theme that can be accessed by anyone on your team. This will significantly increase flexibility to capture and represent data specific to your brand.

Accelerate theme development with intuitive developer tools 

Brands can make advanced customizations more efficiently than ever, using our new suite of development tools. Merchants with in-house developers can now build better together in teams. 

With the introduction of the Shopify GitHub integration, an updated Shopify CLI tool, and Theme Check, your development team can more easily develop, test, and deploy themes on Shopify.

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