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New apps to customize your check-out

July 9, 2021

It's very easy to customize your checkout with an application built from the checkout extension. 

These applications range from simple custom information and marketing content to more complex user interface customization, such as getting additional information from buyers, product up-selling, and loyalty points redemption. These applications will be installed quickly and can be upgraded safely, so when we release new features, you will get all the platform advantages. In addition, they will work with shop pay and other accelerated payment methods.

The post-purchase checkout extension has now entered the public testing stage, enabling developers to build an application to show discounts or content to buyers after they have finished checkout, but before they arrive at the thank you page. Please note other billing extensions coming soon.

Checkout application extensions enable developers to easily extend their application code into checkout and customize many aspects of the checkout experience.

These application extensions make the customized functions easy to distribute, merchants can quickly install, and can be safely upgraded so that merchants can continue to gain platform advantages when Shopify releases new functions.

Today, with the checkout app extension, you can.

Add new personalized content on the page after purchase, such as information or interactive offers

Set of personalized checkout options, such as mode of transportation or payment.

Soon in Shopify, you'll be able to

  • Add a new user interface for checkout, such as custom content, information, or interactive elements
  • Get additional information from the buyer at checkout
  • Verify the information entered by the buyer
  • Create custom discount

There are two types of billing application extensions available. UI extensions and scripts.

UI extension

UI extensions allow you to add new user interfaces (UI) and functions for checkout, and build them into applications using the extension points, APIs, and UI components provided by Shopify.

The UI extension code of checkout is hosted on Shopify's CDN for quick delivery. Your extension code runs safely in the web worker sandbox in the browser.

UI extensions are designed to provide enough flexibility to support a variety of custom use cases while maintaining a barrier to ensure trust and performance.

UI extension point after purchase

The first UI extension point released to developers is a post-purchase extension, which is available in a public beta. These extension points allow developers and merchants to present a quotation (such as up-sell) or content to buyers on the page after purchase. This page will be displayed to buyers after they have checked out and confirmed the order, but before they arrive at the thank you page.

Scripts allow you to add custom server-side logic to checkout, and safely change the behavior of payment method, freight, and check-out items.

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