How to popularize your shop?

July 5, 2021

It feels like Shopify is on fire as more and more individuals and small sellers are now on the independent Shopify platform. 

Shopify is called independent because it is a self-built website independent of Amazon, Alibaba, shopee, and other platforms.

Unlike these major platforms, Shopify itself does not bring in any traffic and requires sellers to drive traffic through other channels. Many people will ask what the advantages of Shopify are. Shopify does not bring in its traffic, but it is a great way to build your brand and increase your brand awareness and influence. Once the site is up and running, the traffic will keep coming in. Today, we will talk to you about how to drive traffic to an independent website.


You can get a huge amount of traffic from search channels. By using word search software, you can choose words that have high traffic and less competition. The company is also able to choose some long-tail words to attract traffic, because some big words, the traffic is very high at the same time competition is also very big. And long-tail words, are relatively easy to attract some traffic.

Don't forget, the built website should be submitted to Google sitemap. We also need to keep doing keyword research, optimizing product pages, and updating blog posts regularly to do a better job of SEO.

Social media

Social media is the most direct source of traffic, such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, and now the international version of Jitterbug is growing very rapidly, and the number of users is also growing rapidly. These are all social media platforms with a large user base, and through the operation of these social media platforms, you can get huge traffic. Moreover, these platforms also support advertising and promotion. In the early stages of website construction, advertising can be used to quickly open up the situation and quickly establish brand image and influence. Doing these media marketing strategies well can also be very helpful for later website SEO. I have previously written an optimization strategy for the YouTube platform, which you can read.

Reddit marketing

With the growing number of social media users, social networking platforms are becoming a very important part of people's lives. Some of them attract the attention of some people through videos, pictures or articles, and gradually become more famous in a certain field. When we promote our products or services,  work with some of the most celebrities or netizens in the field. These people have a relatively loyal fan base, and it is very effective to promote products or services through these celebrities. The number of fans varies and so does the cost of cooperation.

 In the early stages, you can invite some celebrities who are not particularly famous but have a certain fan base to cooperate. Then see what the return on investment is and decide whether to continue to work with them or change them based on the actual results.

In addition, there are many ways to attract customers and convert them, such as email marketing, optimizing website pages, publishing high-quality content, and optimizing mobile pages. At the same time, we should also pay attention to our competitors, so we can appropriately imitate their style and methods to attract traffic. 

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