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How to expand your Shop's traffic with Pinterest x Shopify?

July 7, 2021

Once you've uploaded your catalog, Pinterest users can easily discover, save and buy products from your site, without you having to spend any money on advertising. *You don't have to spend money on advertising.

Attract more traffic with ad campaigns to increase shop visibility and attention, and ultimately conversions. All this can be done in the Shopify interface.

The ability to attract new audiences through a natural search on Pinterest, 97% of the top searches on Pinterest are unnamed and mostly contain 2-3 word queries, so we can deduce that most consumers are not entering specific brand names into their searches. over 450 million platform users on Pinterest are looking for products and services.

They treat all types of brands equally and are willing to buy products from businesses of any size. This unique mindset of the Pinterest audience provides an unparalleled advantage to small and medium-sized businesses that can gain more visibility with the high relevance of their content and the quality of their products.

In the US and Canada, some Shopify merchants, such as Collection Prints and Sukoshi Mart, have used the Pinterest app on Shopify with notable success.

Collection Prints is a small American business specializing in wall printing. By uploading their catalog to Pinterest, they are able to reach and engage with consumers who are interested in furniture decorating content.

"At Collection Prints, we are always trying to engage with our customers in innovative ways. Thanks to the integration of Pinterest and Shopify, we are able to reach an audience that is searching for home décor inspiration, with a very high willingness to buy and a very high-profit potential. We were able to effortlessly turn our products into a pin chart of products available for purchase, with prices and other available information on our printed pieces. In addition, we run shopping advertising campaigns to increase visits and sales to our website." Sukoshi Mart, a small Canadian business that sells Japanese and Korean beauty products and lifestyle products, and specifically targets shopping ads to consumers who are interested in Japanese and Korean beauty products.

Linda Dand, the founder of Sukoshi Mart, told the Shopify team, "The integration of Pinterest and Shopify has brought us a new audience, including our primary audience, Generation Z. We have uploaded our product catalogs to Pinterest, and we've been able to sell our products to a new audience. We upload our catalog to Pinterest, create product pin images and then use the pin images as shopping ads. We uploaded all of the products from our existing Shopify catalog to Pinterest, providing our customers with pricing and availability information on a new platform. After using Pinterest, we found that our return on ad spend was 3.5 times higher than the Canadian industry average. Our audiences are very into Japanese and Korean beauty trends, snacks, and lifestyle culture, and Pinterest allows us to more easily reach and engage with these audiences that we already know so well."

Shopify merchants can try their first ad campaign on Pinterest through Shopify's Pinterest app. Also, if a credit card is used at checkout, a $100 coupon for ad placement is available (which will automatically convert to local currency).

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