How to choose the right goods for your shop

July 6, 2021

As a proven model for cross-border e-commerce, choosing the right track is half the battle, just like in any other business. There are also products that are more suitable for direct sales in the forwarding model. The first step for a new merchant to start forwarding is to find out which products are more popular with consumers and suitable for their own shop brand concept.

The basis for choosing a specific category is to combine the preferences of the target market and brand positioning to make a comprehensive judgment. Once the general direction of the target market is determined, it will make the subsequent selection and marketing strategy less difficult and more efficient.

Merchants can check keyword trends through channels such as Google and Facebook, as well as the official Shopify tutorials for the latest product recommendations.

An effective strategy is to choose niche markets for niche items. Because it is a niche where users have a core need for differentiation and self-expression, and where there are more passionate consumers, it can be a good idea to dive into niche markets in the early stages and use marketing to raise awareness of your products and brand, while avoiding the fierce competition between merchants and at the same time increasing your profits and enriching your brand image.

Merchandise with low buying prices and high-profit potential is a no-brainer. Because it is generally difficult to ask consumers to purchase high-priced goods online without a specific brand, a lower purchase price is likely to bring more sales and profit margin.

For example, for many 3C digital products and car accessories, consumers generally do not care about the small price premium and are less price-sensitive because they are more interested in the quality of the product and the speed and convenience of shopping, such as smartphone cases, wireless charging docks, steering wheel protectors, car accessories, etc. It is very easy to find suppliers of inexpensive and high-quality accessories in the Chinese market, and by choosing these categories to sell, you can make a significant profit through increased sales.

Also recommended are daily consumables, which do not require a well-known brand name to gain popularity with consumers and are ideal for the drop ship business model. Once customers are satisfied with these products and have formed a consumer habit, a good repurchase rate will be a valuable asset to the business, as it is simpler to maintain old customers with repurchase habits than to spend marketing costs to promote new customers.

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