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How does the Shopify team help businesses?

July 5, 2021

Shopify is the leading global e-commerce SaaS. It builds independent e-commerce sites for all kinds of retailers and manages Omnichannel marketing, sales, payment, logistics, warehousing, and other one-stop services.

The biggest difference between Shopify and Amazon is that it is not a platform directly facing consumers, but a platform dedicated to providing services for sellers. The emergence of Shopify has brought a lot of new choices to a large number of small and medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs.

What is "independent station"? To put it simply, it equals letting businesses get rid of the platform, and having independent domain names and pages.
The traffic, brands, and data are owned by businesses, just like the official websites of some big brands. And Shopify's independent station, is the seller's shop.

Many sellers are most worried about the traffic problem, so they hold a wait-and-see attitude towards the independent station. Shopify has done a lot of function development for SEO optimization in the background of the system, involving products, pictures, and web pages. Shopify provides a large number of templates and tools for small businesses to develop websites. It allows businesses to design pages according to their preferences without hiring professionals. It only takes a few minutes to build an advanced online store.

As for popularity expansion and customer traffic, Shopify helps businesses access and promote it through cooperation with mainstream media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Businesses can not only obtain customer traffic with the help of Shopify but also establish their brand image.

There is also the issue of fees that sellers are most concerned about. Instead of charging high transaction commissions like other platforms, Shopify adopts the monthly subscription system, charging $29-299 per month according to different types of services. In addition, Shopify also provides different sales models for sellers with different needs. You can choose to build your website, bind your social account as a marketing channel, and embed product information and purchase buttons on any website.

Never is too late to get started with Shopify!

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