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Honesty is the foundation of every successful sale.

July 5, 2021

Today's shoppers have countless choices at the click of a mouse, and business owners can track every click. But the key measure of trust is hard to fully understand.

When shoppers buy a new product online or from an online store they are not used to, how does their trust develop? Which experience elements of an online store are trust builder or trust breaker?

What makes an online store look trustworthy?

At Shopify, they are constantly studying these issues. Last year, their team conducted a series of in-depth interviews with different North American shoppers and asked them to tell us about their recent online shopping experience. They asked each shopper to review a recent purchase involving a product they had never purchased before or a store they had never purchased before. We also asked them to make a real purchase of up to $40 in a Shopify store they had never bought.

Each seller should ask himself what makes a new shopper feel comfortable when buying a new product or from a new store.

Which pages or elements in your store are most important for building trust among shoppers?

After analyzing their behavior in the process of purchasing, some patterns were common.

Trust-building elements can reassure and help the shopper feel relaxed when buying. Trust breakers make shoppers feel worried,unsatisfied and make them question the validity and authenticity of the enterprise, and doubt whether the purchase is a safe choice.

So that's why honestify is the key for your success!

【Source text: by report】

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