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From made in China to created in China

July 8, 2021

Shopify is one of the most popular independent Saas providers worldwide. Merchants can quickly build their independent website by signing up for an account with Shopify, choosing a website template, uploading products and adding a profile. Shopify also gives each merchant a separate domain name to better reflect their brand image, as well as the advantage of online technology to manage omnichannel marketing, sales, payments, logistics and other processes, lowering the technical threshold for merchants in the online shop business.

Instead of building your technical team and purchasing a server, you can simply purchase Shopify's monthly service plan and match it with a suitable app solution to be embedded into your standalone website to get started quickly.

Effects of Shopify in Chinese cross-border industry

In retrospect, every technological upgrade in the business model has brought about a further opening of the interaction between supply and demand, so the DTC brand will represent the development trend of Chinese cross-border brands in the future, both in terms of development stage and brand value. It is believed that more domestic merchants will rely on the innate advantages of the independent website to combine intelligent data with consumer profiles to push back the implementation of marketing strategies, thus completing the second upgrade of the brand, truly from actively catering to consumer demand to leading the cultural trend of the market and completing the transformation from made in China to created in China.

At the same time, the independent station model will also benefit from the industry's development and continue to evolve, providing new momentum for domestic brands to break the circle of development in overseas.

【Source text: by report】

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