Google - Shopify. Google launches Shopping Graph

July 1, 2021

The partnership with Shopify will generate more than 1.7 million sellers on Shopify using Google's products to connect with a more precise consumer base and provide a better consumer experience.

The day before yesterday, Amazon announced that it would increase investment in its advertising business, and sources said that Google believed that this move would pose a threat to Google's core business, Google Ads, so naturally Google was not willing to be left behind and announced a series of upgrades to its shopping (Google Shopping) section.

Google's new Shopping Graph is a new project that will aggregate information on product parameters, prices, reviews, ads, and other data from brands and retailers across Google's platforms, such as the search engine and YouTube, to eliminate the need for consumers to "shop around".

Earlier this year, YouTube announced that it was piloting a new feature that would allow video creators to act as "evangelists" for the product. YouTube announced earlier this year that it was piloting a new feature where video creators would act as product "evangelists" to sow the "seeds of knowledge" for users, a move intended to rival TikTok and Facebook.

This is one of the reasons why Google has made it free for businesses to join since last year when it released data saying that the number of sellers had increased by 80 percent, mostly small and medium-sized sellers.

Shopify's partnerships with Facebook, TikTok, and Walmart have already exited the market, and the fact that Google is willing to cooperate is a clear indication of its message-oriented to the independent site-building services led by Shopify.

Investors also seemed pleased with the news of the partnership, with Shopify shares rising 3.52%.

【Source text: by report】

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