Business costs in Shopify 2021

July 3, 2021

Business cost

Budget is always a consideration. You can start an e-commerce website for only $100, but you'll probably have to spend more than that to get your business going.

According to Shopify's latest research, most small business owners spend about $40000 in the first year, of which 9% is allocated to online business needs( Shopify merchants spend an average of $38000, while non-Shopify merchants spend an average of about $41000).

Online business takes time to make a profit. 

It is important to choose an e-commerce platform that won't take up your entire budget and provide you with the tools you need to succeed.

Focus on your current business and think about where you want to go in the future. Then find an e-commerce platform that can help you achieve your goal.

Start building your e-commerce website today

As you can see, the cost of an e-commerce website is not too expensive. After buying a domain name for your new e-commerce startup, you may only need to pay $29 a month for Shopify's standard online store. If you want to add custom features or include paid apps, it can increase the total cost.

Shopify is flexible and allows you to choose the amount you want to spend in advance, so you can build a profitable and valuable e-commerce website for your business.

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