Benefits of a landing page to your business

July 9, 2021

How a Shopify landing page can benefit your business

Many Shopify users landing pages on their portfolio websites to promote their Shopify development services to potential customers, but these pages also have other valuable purposes and provide some benefits to your business, including.

They can help you add content to your portfolio: if you are just starting or have a relatively small customer base, it may be difficult to find content to post to your site. A Shopify landing page can add more content to a bare portfolio and become a useful place to drive traffic when launching targeted digital marketing activities.

They can help build your leadership in the Shopify community. You should also use your landing page to promote consistency between you and Shopify. By informing visitors that you are a Shopify partner and including any relevant certificates you may obtain, you will prove that you are an authority on Shopify topics, which in turn will help to make your business relevant online throughout the e-commerce community.

It can help show your expertise.

Whether you are a studio that only does Shopify development, or takes it as one of many services, a Shopify landing page can help you convey your professional knowledge, experience, and service to visitors. Businesses are looking for organizations or freelancers who know how to work with Shopify, so include a dedicated page to convey your competence in Shopify development, which can help them build trust in the decision-making process. You can also provide them with contact information if they want.

They can help you generate traffic and get new clues. Interest in Shopify as an e-commerce solution is growing (if you don't believe me, take a look at this chart of Google Trends), while businesses seeking support for development or design tasks want to make sure that the consultants they contact have experience with the platform. Therefore, creating a landing page for Shopify on your portfolio website and implementing SEO best practices will increase the possibility for potential customers to find your business when searching Shopify development institutions. 

They can help educate and improve your existing customers. Many of our Shopify partners and experts use this strategy to promote Shopify plus to educate their existing high-growth customers about the benefits of upgrading their plans. Through a Shopify plus focused page, you can help your organization's brand align with business services, provide complementary products to existing customers, and increase your contact with larger potential customers looking for consultants with mass e-commerce expertise.

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