Advantages of an independent shop

July 8, 2021

Independent ecommerce platforms go by many names. Online stores. Independent websites. Digital shopfront. Whatever you call them, many smaller business like to ask if they are entirely necessary. These are somo of the advantages of an independent eCommerce business

  • Through the operation and sales of independent online sites, these merchants can bring rich data resources to drive digital transformation and create greater momentum for development. 

  • Independent data - Unlike third-party platforms that can only provide basic product sales data, independent websites are their platforms, allowing businesses to achieve independent control of multi-dimensional data, while the security and value-added of the data can also be guaranteed. In particular, data such as consumer profiles, shopping journey data, bounce rates and conversion rates can help merchants to strengthen their research on the core needs of their target groups and assist in product selection and marketing, cultivating their long-term customer base and enhancing consumer stickiness.

  • Operational management upgrade from the operational level. The cross-border e-commerce process from the entire upstream supply chain production to the sale of goods, the chain is longer and more complex than that of domestic e-commerce, and the industry as a whole has a stronger demand for digital management at the operational sales level. 

  • The emergence of standalone Saas software providers has met the  industry needs. Brands do not need to invest in their so-called technical research and development teams, and can focus their capital and manpower costs on product and brand building, while service providers can provide them with a full set of mature standalone website process solutions.

【Source text: by report】

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